Holy bollocking fuckery, we can’t even keep up. 

After their comments today about the anti-terrorism police raiding their home being ‘a waste of police time’, the Jalal brothers who have gained notoriety in recent weeks have admitted that their latest video was completely fabricated. 

They have told Channel 7 that the little girl in their totally gross AK-47 video was actually their cousin, and the ‘dad’ in the video was actually one of the trio themselves.

“Our latest drive-by shooting video was staged, and they were all actors,” said Max Jalal. 

“The little girl in the video was actually our cousin, and the dad was me.”

The story has been backed up by the little girl, nine-year-old Merry Jalal:

“I was acting. When he [told] me to go, I had to hug him and run away … they were pointing a fake gun.”

The brothers said that they told Fawkner Police this several weeks ago. 

The Jalal brothers were arrested yesterday, and were charged with public nuisance, possessing a prohibited weapon and behaving in an offensive manner in a public place. 

Victoria Police have said that despite the confession, they would not be withdrawing the charges against the trio. 

Source: The Age

Photo: Youtube / The Project.