When the Jalal Brothers tell you they can bank a cool US$150k a month from their endlessly controversial YouTube prank videos channel, you’d be excused for thinking they’re pranking you. 

At least, that’s the vibe we got during our sit-down chat with Rebeen, Arman and Max at their Melbourne home yesterday – on April Fool’s Day, no less. 

WATCH: The Jalal Prankster Bros Reckon They Bank Up To $150K A Month

But, like the rest of their shtick, the brothers continually blur the line between the truth and utter BS. Rebeen says their reach on “Facebook alone is, like, almost 2.6 million,” and he’s not too far off. At time of writing, that number is ticking north of 250k. 

Some videos on their frequently updated YouTube channel – the mainstay of their growing comedic empire, and the target of Australia’s ire – boast a viewcount nearing 900k. 

Those are serious numbers for any YouTuber, even moreso when you consider the trio have built their brand by dressing up as wannabe terrorists and scaring the souls out of innocent passers-by. 

WATCH: The Jalal Prankster Bros Reckon They Bank Up To $150K A Month

Oh, hold up, sorry. We mean by “trying to show that the stereotypes that the media feeds us do have an affect on us.”

So, whether the viewcount on those pranks actually translates into a bankable six-figure sum remains annoyingly unknowable – just like the Melbourne boys’ perception of their own viral videos, and if they actually believe their provocative clips are doing anything to undo Australia’s entrenched prejudices.

Make up your own mind on this one. Watch our full interview with the brothers below:

Day In The Life Of Australia’s Most Polarising Pranksters

We spent #AprilFoolsDay with Australia’s controversial AF pranksters, the Jalals.The three bros tried / failed to prank us, and talked how much coin they bank per vid.

Posted by pedestrian.tv on Friday, 1 April 2016