The Jalals Faced Court Today & Pestered The Prosecutor For A Fkn Selfie

The Jalal Brothers, Australia’s resident purveyors of YouTube Pranks slash “social experiments”, have finally had their day in court. And they somehow used the opportunity to have another bloody video filmed.

Max, Arman, and a 16-year-old co-accused faced Melbourne Magistrate’s Court this morning, over charges relating to their infamous – and infamously bullshit – faux terrorist drive-by shooting video.

Of the three charges levelled against the trio, two were dropped, leaving them culpable for the charge of behaving in an offensive manner in a public space. No marks will be made on their criminal records. 

Magistrate Charlie Rosenzweig said the clips “could understandably give rise to a threatening experience. Fear is contagious, even if it is play-acted.”

The punishment? Along with six-month good behaviour clauses, they were given an hour to cook up an apology. 

After a few media requests, Rosenzweig allowed the whole deal to be filmed – presumably, under the assumption the clip would find its way to their likely young, impressionable audience. 

After one of ’em asked the police prosecutor if he was down for a selfie (really) and Rozenweig told the guys “not to use Johnny Depp as an example,” (really really) the gang fronted up with an admission the prank was very, very silly, and they shouldn’t be so silly again.

Arman said “your honour I am sorry for any fear or anxiety caused in the community. 

It’s obviously in the past that we have not made the best of decisions…

We plan on pursuing a career in entertainment with better choices and more responsibility”.
It’s an odd gambit cajoling a group of, ahem, satirically-minded teens who’ve built a career from piss-taking videos to… well, use a video to sincerely apologise.

Especially when they uploaded a compilation video featuring much of the schtick they’ve just been punished for, exactly one week ago:


Still, when the in-court video does emerge, at least we’ll have another video to place on the patent-pending Apology Sincerity Scale. ASS for short. 
We’re guessing it’ll land somewhere right between the infamous Depp, Heard & Joyce clusterfuck, and this wild clip of a American kid apologising to the entire nation of North Korea.

We speak from experience. Check out what happened when we sent one of our own into the fray:


*shudders forever*

Source: Brisbane Times. 
Photo: Jalals / Facebook.