The Jalal Brothers Are Off Scot-Free, Are Posting Prank Videos Once Again

The hullabaloo over The Jalal brothers has died down – but not if they have anything to do with it. 

The three brothers gained infamy after posting a horrendously awful video of them dressed as Islamic terrorists, firing a fake AK-47 at (what was thought to be) a father and his young daughter went viral. 
Since the video was released, they’ve been interviewed (and ripped to shreds) on The Project, and had their house raided by Victoria Police – not to mention become nationally hated. They also finally admitted that all their pranks were fake, and they had hired actors. 
On Friday, the trio posted a thank you to their lawyers, saying they “couldn’t have done it without them” (well, duh):

we are proud to announce that we can start making our videos again, and it’s all thanks to our amazing legal team. couldn’t have done it without them ?? Malkoun & Co Lawyers

Posted by Jalals on Thursday, 10 March 2016

They reckon they can start making and posting their videos again – however, they can only post them if they do not involve witnesses to their alleged offences. 
However, today, they’re back at it. They’ve posted a compilation video, which features some of their favourite “pranks”:

Public Bomb, Shooting & Kidnapping Pranks ?? – Like “Jalals” for more

Posted by Jalals on Saturday, 12 March 2016

Source: Facebook.
Photo: The Project.