Jalals Make Latest Good Decision, Mock Arrest As A “Waste Of Police Time”

As the fallout from their spectacularly ill-thought-out drive-by shooting prank continues, Jalals have taken to their official Facebook page to revel once again in good-decision making, slamming their arrest as a “waste of police time.” 

Yesterday morning, following a tense-as-fuck interview with Karl Stefanovic, Max and Arman Jalal, as well as a third boy who can not be named for legal reasons, handed themselves in to police. 
They were taken into custody and questioned for a number of hours, and Victoria Police have since confirmed that they have been charged with “public nuisance, possessing a prohibited weapon and behaving in an offensive manner in a public place.” 
Hours after their release, Max Jalal took to his Facebook page to mock police, saying: 
Victoria Police logic. There’s rapist [sic], pedophiles, drug dealers, the list goes on. But they’re sooooo proud they arrested us lmao. Go get some real criminals.
He followed this up with a post on Jalals’ official Facebook, adding:

“So today we got arrested. 30 counter-terrorist officers later, a search warrant & a 6 hour interview. Also, news headlines all over Australia. Was it really all worth it? When there’s worse things going on in the world, bigger crimes being committed. But Victoria Police targeted 3 Pranksters, that have not to this date harmed anyone. #overreaction #wasteofpolicetime #wastehistime2016”
Max and Arman have been released on bail, “on the condition that they do not produce or upload any offensive images of video on social media.” They will appear in Melbourne Magistrates Court on May 20. 
Arman has admitted that their prank video – in which the three are seen pointing a fake gun at people across Melbourne, including a frightened five-year-old girl – is “pretty bad”, but it remains up on Facebook. 
Source: News Corp.
Photo: The Project / News Corp.