Jacqui Lambie Resigns From Palmer United Party

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, ~colourful~ Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has just resigned from the Palmer United Party and will henceforth operate in the mode that suits her best: guns blazin’ rogue.

Lambie this morning told the Senate the she will continue on in her role as an independent senator “free to negotiate with the government and other members of this Parliament in good faith.” 
According to reports coming in on Twitter, Lambie has given a 100% guarantee that she will never vote for the Government’s proposed changes to higher education and Medicare co-payments. 
Speaking toward her former party leader and certified loose cannon Clive Palmer, Lambie said she would not be drawn into the game of responding to the kind of “false and hurtful personal attacks” that have characterised much of the last week’s speculation that she would be severing her political ties with Palmer, concluding that she wishes “Clive and his beautiful family, staff and friends all the very best”. In true Lambie fashion, she signed off: 
“God bless Australia. God bless my Tasmania.. and our beautiful Southern Cross.” 

Photo: William West/AFP/Getty Images