Watch Clive Palmer’s Facebook ‘Say Thanks’ Video To Jacqui Lambie

The tumultuous relationship Clive Palmer and his erstwhile Palmer United Party member, Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie, shared came to an unfortunate end yesterday not with a whimper but with a thud befitting their mutual incompetence. 
Palmer even went as far as to suggest yesterday that Lambie, now an independent woman who’ll buy her own diamonds and buy her own rings, had been a sleeper agent whose mission it was to undermine his party all along. Theirs was a beautiful friendship even in its dying hours – one that Collective Noun have taken as the subject of the below ‘Say Thanks’ Facebook video. 
You know the kind. Those obnoxiously saccharine montages displaying the relative highlights from the friendship of two [un]willing parties; like the time Lambie said her ideal man must have fat stacks and a fatter D, or that time last week when Clive stormed out of an interview with Emma Alberici because he’s insufferable and utterly inept. 
The kind of video that wouldn’t look out of place at a funeral. That seems appropriate.