If You Wanna Warm Yr Heart, Please Watch Jacinda Ardern Get Interrupted By Her Bebe Mid-Stream

jacinda ardern livestream interrupted

In some super wholesome and charming news, Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern was interrupted during a COVID-19 update livestream by her three-year-old daughter Neve. Yes, there is footage. Yes, it’s fkn adorable.

NZ PM Ardern has been in the news quite a bit recently, after dealing with a magnitude 5.9 earthquake mid-press conference, walking away from a heckler mid-presser, being called out by Joe Rogan and mocked on his podcast, and having to deal with pro-Trump idiots who marched outside New Zealand’s parliament. So yeah, a lot’s been happening.

Thankfully, Ardern is in the news this time for something heartwarming and positive. Good news! Don’t you just love to see it?

During a COVID update stream on Facebook live, Ardern’s daughter Neve walks in asking for her mum (when she should absolutely be in bed), and the resulting response is so fkn adorable.

“It’s bedtime, darling. Pop back to bed. I’ll come and see you in a second,” said Jacinda Ardern mid-livestream.

“Well that was a bedtime fail, wasn’t it? Sorry, everyone, I thought ‘here’s a moment, I’ll do a Facebook live it’ll be nice and safe’.

“Does anyone else have kids escape like three or four times after bedtime? Thankfully my mum’s here so she can help out.”

Queen of dealing with situations on the fly, honestly.

Thankfully, Ardern’s mum was on the scene to swiftly escort little bubby Neve back to bed. Apparently, children do not care whether you are the prime minister or not, they’ll just do whatever the hell they want.

Ardern then carries on the livestream conference like nothing even happened, but then again, did you expect anything else from the prime minister we all wish we had?

It looks like I’ll be tuning in to the Jacinda Ardern Facebook livestreams from here on out, I have no doubts in my mind that they’ll be more interesting than Morrison’s bi-yearly appearances.