This Clip Of Jacinda Ardern Calmly Reacting To A Magnitude 5.9 Quake Has The Internet Shook

jacinda ardern earthquake new zealand

A clip of New Zealand Prime Minister and renowned badass Jacinda Ardern has gone viral after she calmly reacts to a full-blown earthquake and continues a press conference like nothing has happened.

In the clip, Ardern is seen speaking to reporters at a conference in Wellington, before everything shakes thanks to a magnitude 5.9 earthquake that shook the entire North Island of New Zealand.

After the brief rattling, Ardern simply says “sorry, a slight distraction, would you mind repeating that question?”

Could not be me, folks. I’d be evacuating the building through the nearest window like a maniac.

According to 1News, the 5.9 magnitude quake hit at 11am on Friday morning, in an area 30km off Taumarunui on New Zealand’s north island. It is reported to have sent shakes across a large chunk of the country.

You can watch Jacinda Ardern and her badass response below.

“We have received over 25,000 felt reports,” wrote GeoNet, who is responsible for monitoring New Zealand’s geological hazards.

“These deep earthquakes are typically widely felt, but usually not close to the epicentre. This is due to the subducting tectonic plate under the North Island – most of the earthquake’s energy travels up and along the plate to the surface.

“Large, deep earthquakes beneath the central and western North Island are not uncommon. In fact, a M6.2 at a similar depth and location was one of the first large earthquakes recorded by the National Geohazards Monitoring Centre after they began operations at GNS back in 2018!”

Now, there may not be that many memes about the earthquake in New Zealand, but there sure were heaps when an earthquake hit Victoria, and you can look at them all here.

Dear mother nature, please stop shaking your ass on all of us. K, thanks.