Shaved Lorax Joe Rogan Refuses To Shut The Fuck Up, Mocks Jacinda Ardern For No Reason Instead

joe rogan jacinda ardern

Joseph James Rogan, better known as Joe Rogan, has failed to do the shut the fuck up challenge that we posited to him earlier this week, and has instead decided to mock and criticise New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern of all people. Sir, please, get a fkn hobby or something.

In a very recent video with comedians Shane Gillis and Mark Normand, which I will not be linking but can very easily be found, Joe Rogan (for some reason) moves the point of conversation onto Jacinda Ardern, and uses her actions to make a point about *checks notes*… politicians having “ultimate power.”

Clearly, Rogan has been watching too many Marvel movies lately because Ardern, or any decent politician at that, don’t exactly strike me as a Thanos-type.

To be specific, Rogan was taking aim at how Ardern handled a protestor at one of her press conferences, who interrupted proceedings.

“Have you seen that lady who’s running New Zealand?” Rogan asked. (We’re off to a great start already.)

“If she even gets asked questions at press conferences, if people yell out questions she goes: ‘We’re going to shut this down, we’re going to shut this down if you keep yelling out.’

“She just leaves, she’s like ‘accredited press only’.”

By the way, those last quotes were said in a poor attempt at a New Zealand accent, because mocking people who don’t speak with an American English accent is Rogan’s only bet at proving to his comedian friends that bald man funny.

“They have ultimate power now,” he continued, even though I very much wish he didn’t.

“They have the power to shut down businesses, keep people in their homes.”

“It’s not as simple as protecting people, they also have power.”

The human body has many holes and Joe Rogan will not rest until he talks out of each and every one of them.

The man who interrupted Ardern, by the way, has been identified as Shane Chafin, who apparently works for “a facts and evidence-based platform… covering the stories that many mainstream media outlets will not”.

Sounds like the conspiracy peddling anti-vaxx ruminations that Rogan loves, because it is!

His main M.O. was to ask Ardern about why the vaccines in Israel were apparently ‘not working’, which, by the way, they absolutely are.

Ardern handled a rather unsavoury situation with tact and respect, as she always does. She doesn’t need commentary from the clean-shaven Lorax.

Once again, I am asking Joe Rogan to please, please, shut the fuck up.