IT’S HAPPENING: Donald Trump Is Actually Going To Do A Reddit ‘AMA’

Oh boy oh boy oh boy OH BOY.
Honestly, this is the absolute *last* thing we thought we’d see happen during this phenomenally protracted US Presidential election campaign.
But lord, someone up there in the based gods of the internet seems to like us and is throwing us the bone-to-end-all-bones.
Donald Trump, officially confirmed Republican Presidential Candidate, will put his tiny, tiny hands on a keyboard for a Reddit AMA.
A press release sent out overnight by the Trump campaign confirmed the man vying to become America’s smallest-handed President will be fielding questions from the Reddit community in Reddit’s typically open-format, meaning people are free to ask The Donald just about anything they want.

Now, it should be noted that like all other pockets of the internet, Reddit has its own curious community of fervent Donald supporters who will no doubt use the opportunity to flood the AMA with pro-Donald questions. After all, the man doesn’t particularly take too kindly to any negative thing being said about him at all. In fact, if he actually answers one question even mildly critical of his character, lack of sound or sane policy, fact-denying feelings-based truthsplaining, or literally any of the boxes he’s outwardly checked on the ole’ “You might be a fascist if…” quiz, we’ll probably throw a parade or something.

But still, that’s an open and direct line to actual Donald Trump. At the very least, it’s gonna be a hell of a ride.
And hey, if you need some extra fodder, Reddit also quietly put together this utterly astonishing megapost of Trump revelations and coverage. It is mind boggling.
The AMA begins at 9am on Thursday morning Australian time. Set your alarms, people.

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Ide Mae Astute/Getty.