Someone Claiming To Be Pals With MAFS’ Tamara Did A Reddit AMA & Spilled Litres Of Spicy Tea

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Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Someone claimed to be childhood pals with Tamara Djordjevic from MAFS and spilled litres of spicy tea about her in a Reddit AMA. Fetch ya cups fam because this tea is hot. Let’s take a sip.

The Reddit user claimed they were in the same year as Tamara and hung out with her during recess and lunch. But they hadn’t seen the MAFS contestant since they graduated high school over a decade ago.

They offered to hold an AMA on the MAFS Australia subreddit to share their perspective as someone who allegedly knew a contestant during their formative years.

They said Tamara wasn’t one of the “snobby” mean girls in high school so her behaviour towards Domenica Calarco at the dinner party last week “came as a surprise”.

“She’s from a working-class background so it was a bit of a shock,” they said.

“I haven’t seen her since we were younger though. She may have changed as we grew up.”

“I was shocked by everybody to be honest it was such a weird twist in the dynamic of the group,” they added.

“I got the idea she was very close with Dom but I mean they condense so much footage down to a few hour long episodes with ads a week. The narrative could have been skewed to create more of a dramatic effect.”

The tea spiller then appeared to suggest that Tamara and her MAFS husband Brent Vitiello might not make it to the end of the show.

“I can imagine their relationship could have worked in a different setting if it was allowed to form more organically and slowly and without being filmed constantly while being pushed into uncomfortable situations.”

Could have? Hmm, interesting choice of words there, my friend. But Tamara’s alleged pal from school then said that the MAFS contestant’s boyfriend in high school looked a bit like Brent.

“She had a long-term [boyfriend] while at school. He went to a different school.

“He was fairly nice and attractive from [my] memory of him. Not as much a pretty boy as Mitch [Eynaud]. More like Brent.”

Oh and remember when Tamara had a go at retail workers in a video? Apparently she worked a retail job at school.

Tamara has not publicly responded to the claims made by the Reddit user claiming to be their high school pal. But frankly, she might be busy dealing with Brent’s rekindled foot fetish on Monday night’s MAFS episode.