Inside The Wild Conspiracy That Melania Trump Has Been Replaced By A Fake

There’s a wild conspiracy floating around right now that Melania Trump, wife of President Trump and First Lady of the United Status, has been replaced by a body double.

Let’s dive in.

First of all, it’s no secret that she harbours, at the very least, some disdain for her husband. Videos of her swatting his hand away on multiple occasions have circulated since inauguration, and honestly, would YOU fuck this old toad?

But it’s an appearance by the Trumps last week that has some people wondering: has Melania made a break for it and a body double been brought in to replace her? Or at the very least, is a body double standing in for her on occasion?

The Trumps were addressing the media about hurricane relief for Puerto Rico. Trump inexplicably refers to Melania as being “right there”, which is an extremely bizarre way to refer to someone who is, in fact, standing right there.

“My wife, Melania, who happens to be right here,” he says, before moving on to other matters.

People have been zooming in on ‘Melania”s nose and lips, which they claim is different to the ~real~ Melania’s.

There’s also the bizarre moment Trump appeared to forget his wife was standing right next to him, while addressing first responders to Hurricane Irma in Florida.

“I just want to thank everybody, the first responders, on behalf of myself, our Vice President… Melania really wanted to be with us,” he said, despite the fact that she was standing literally right there.

It’s a fun conspiracy, and of course the internet is already going hog wild about it.

Imagine if we keep this up. Imagine if the joke becomes so big that Melania is forced to do something to prove it’s really her… like, IDK, provide a birth certificate or something.