U.S. President Donald Trump usually finds himself in trouble for putting his paws in places they really shouldn’t be – see The Orb and the Access Hollywood tape for proof – but you’d be forgiven for assuming the hand of First Lady Melania Trump would occasionally be a mutually agreeable safe zone.

Well, that’s not necessarily so. And there’s video to prove it.

After touching down in Israel as part of their first international journey since the inauguration, Don reached out for his wife’s hand. Well, he didn’t so much let it reach as he let it linger, like he was preparing to pick up a baton and huff ahead of Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara. 

There it stayed, trailing behind him, a clammy mitt dangling from the end of a rude appendage. Until Melania slapped it the hell away.

With a precise flick, Melania decreed that no such frivolity would be permissible on the red carpet. No hands would be held on this day.

While there’s probably a totally logical backing for that surgically-precise slap, we’re free to speculate on why she’d do it. 

Outside of the most obvious reason – she just didn’t wanna, and you can’t make a woman hold your hand, even if you’re Prez – her glower during the Inauguration, their near constant separation, and that snarky liked Tweet could all be taken as more proof she’s done with the whole deal.

That flicking hand might come in handy someday, though. God knows what else the man wants to poke his phalanges at.

Source: The Guardian.
Photo: Ilia Yafimovich / Getty.