If cheap, cool-looking furniture and furnishings that nearly every single one of your friends already has is what you’re after, then look no further than IKEA
The Swedish flatpack giant has perfected making a couch that you can fit in the backseat of a Kia Rio and wine glasses cheap enough that you don’t mind when your deadshit housemates break them, now they’re giving you a chance to (temporarily) live on an honest-to-God boat.
The meatball-merchants will be transforming the former Sydney harbour ferry Sirius into a dope on-water apartment, complete with dining area, sleeping quarters and (hopefully not referring to the water surrounding the vessel) outdoor areas.
(Artists depiction of you kicking it)
It will all be styled by IKEA’s interior design team, who I think are trying to say that living on a boat would be the fuckin’ tits:
“As the leader life at home, we are literally breaking down the walls of the home and showing that home can be more than a physical space, it is where you and your family and friends come together, it is where you keep your most important things, it is where you feel a part of the community.”
Winners will get a chance for them and a friend to kick it on the Sirius (which is such a badass name) for two days. To enter, you’ve got to tell IKEA what you love about your home (probably avoid shit like “getting blazed in the bath and listening to trap”), and you can do that right here.
Photo: YouTube.