IKEA Opening New Stores, And Planning Online Expansion

Get your allen keys out and prepare your stomach for some $1 hotdogs. Flatpack legends and masters of Swedish efficiency IKEA are expanding like you wouldn’t believe. The furniture giant has plans to expand the number of stores within Australia ahead of the global company’s long-awaited push into online retailing. Which means that soon your drunken midnight online shopping sprees will no longer be confined to clothes, records, books and the like. One day soon you’ll come home to an enormous flatpack bookshelf, and you’ll have absolutely no fucking clue when you ordered it.

IKEA’s Australian national manager David Hood has revealed plans to open four more of the enormous stores in the country by 2016, which would take the total number of IKEA locations in Australia to nine. The new locations for the stores have already been settled on, with Marsden Park in Sydney, Campbellfield in Victoria, Canberra, and a location just north of Brisbane being the new homes of hållö.
Beyond that, the company will be moving into online sales, which is part of the reason for the store expansion. Rather than handling all online sales from a centralised location, nearest regional stores will be utilised in order to cut down on shipping costs and times.
So there it is, kids. You’ll be able to get magnificently lost in the sprawling surroundings of IKEA’s showroom floors in more locations than ever before. And if that doesn’t sound too appealing, you can do all your IKEA shopping online without ever having to leave the comfort of your own malm.
Photo: John Moore via Getty Images.

via SMH.