Oh Hållö, IKEA Is Trialling Out Rentals So You Can Redecorate For Cheap

IKEA has announced that it’s wanting to bring a rental service to its stores, in attempts to become more environmentally sustainable and to work better with younger flatpack fanciers who tend to move house a lot more than older generations and sometimes can’t afford to renew their furniture with every move.

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According to Reuters, the Swedish furniture company is working hard to become more sustainable, with goals for products to have a circular/closed loop lifecycle and be made entirely out of renewable materials by 2030.

Part of these sustainability targets includes a pilot trial of renting out furniture and products to customers, in an effort to cut down on the amount of IKEA furniture being turfed into hard rubbish.

IKEA has previously talked about leasing big-ticket items like lounges, desks, and beds back in February, beginning in Sweden and rolling out to all 30 of its main markets, and the plans were fleshed out further at its ‘sustainable store’ in West Germany this week.

A huge driver behind the rental pilot is the knowledge that a lot of younger generations – who are probably now living out of home and wanting to create their own space – have a working relationship with subscription-based programs like Spotify, Netflix, and even meal preparation companies.

Aussie IKEA stores also launched a buy-back system mid last year, where folks who no longer need their flat-pack furniture can sell items back to the company, another trial to help reduce landfill and encourage more of a circular relationship with IKEA products.

Imagine being able to rent your dream bed, or get a couch that works perfectly in the loungeroom of the apartment you’re on a short-term lease but not the next place you’re moving into. The possibilities seem bloody endless, and if you’ll excuse me I’m off to rent half of IKEA.