As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, you probably want to *checks notes* leave the house. But let’s be real, we should all still be doing our best to social distance wherever possible, so why not try your hand at making one of these iconic IKEA pillow forts?

Yep. The Swedish gods of flatpack furniture have developed a series of legitimate pillow fort instruction manuals for your next Netflix binge.

ikea fortress

Although isolation is soon to be over, winter hasn’t even started yet, so you’ll likely be spending a hell of a lot more time inside over the next few months. And now, thanks to IKEA Russia, you can try your hand at six different types of pillow forts.

The guides are seemingly designed to keep kids entertained during lockdown, but why not spice up your boring Netflix and chill date by building a fucking fortress?!

Depending on what mood you’re in, you can build a HOUSE, CAMPINGTENT, CAVE, WIGWAM, FORTRESS or CASTLE.

ikea fortress Get Ready To Camp In Yr Living Room ‘Coz IKEA Released Some Expert Pillow Fort Instructions

Like any good instruction manual, each guide details the exact pieces of IKEA furnishings you’ll need to complete the project. It may not be as perfect if you’re not using the official OLMSTAD table, but I’m sure you could make use of the furniture you’ve already got.

Personally, I’d settle for nothing less than a full-blown castle or fortress. But if you’re looking for a more ~rustic~ approach, you could try your hand at the tent or cave.

ikea fortress

The brilliant idea comes after they released the recipe for their iconic Swedish meatballs earlier this year. Flatpack furniture, delicious meatballs and pillow forts? Seriously, what can’t they do?