Humans of Splendour: Meet The People Who Turn The Parkland Into A Party

New experiences = the most fun. That’s why PEDESTRIAN.TV and Smirnoff have teamed up to help start conversations when it comes to breaking down barriers that put a stopper in good times.

Splendour In the Grass is nothing without the people. Humans are what make the festival experience unique, and make the whole thing a lot more enjoyable. You don’t wanna be sitting out there on your own, how will you people-watch?

It’s the place where you’ll find people wearing their absolute best get-ups, experimenting with their image and being their best selves.

We set out to find the folks that make Splendour what it is. From incredible outfits to people that are actively helping to take care of the land that we all come to meet and party once a year, these are the Humans Of Splendour, and they make the festival come alive.
Michael, 21.
“I’ve planned three outfits, but I might need five.”
Ali, 28.
“More is more when it comes to glitter.”

Billy & Claire, 22.
“Don’t be a crim, put it in the bin.”
Dylan, 21.
“This is my third time doing drag makeup, and the first time I’ve worn it outside my house.”
Hum, 27.
“Killer whales kill for fun.”

Sophie, 26 & Kim, 33.
“Sun protection is so essential…god that sounds like something someone old would say.”

Paul, 44.
“You absolutely *have* to get a blitter.”
(Paul informed us that this means ‘beard glitter’.)
Yossi & Clancy, 22.
“We’ve got a second outfit for today…for later.”
Barish, ????
“This was made locally. We’re trying to get people thinking about single-use plastic.”
Rochelle, 23.
“My festival essential is a positive attitude.”
Zoe, 24.
“I’m so much more used to being behind the camera.”
Tristan, 33.
“I just feel like it’s why I’m here. To get my visions out of my head and there for people to see.”
Sheridan, 21.
“What do I bring? Just good vibes…I guess.”
You’re an incredible bunch, Splendour family. Never change.
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Photo: Courtney Fry / PEDESTRIAN.TV.