Tinder’s New ‘Festival Mode’ For Splendour In The Grass Is Officially Live

Tinder Festival Mode

SITG2019 is on the horizon.

The insanely popular music fest will be taking over North Byron Parklands from Friday, July 19 to Sunday, July 21, which means a truckload of music lovers will be rubbing shoulders as they jam out to Chance The Rapper, Childish Gambino, Santigold (!!!!) and like 42,500 other 11/10 musos.

This also means that there’ll be an abundance of eligible snack-packs to meet so it’s a bloody good weekend to be single. I mean, it’s a good weekend to not be single too but for once this isn’t about you loved-up chumps.

Tinder knows full-well that the singletons will be out in full force this year, so they’ve decided to throw us a bone. That’s why, as of today, you’ll be able to switch on Festival Mode and add a Splendour In The Grass badge to your Tinder profile so you can match with other peeps before or during the three-day event.

Here’s how it works: if you’re heading to SITG and on the market for a new gig buddy, potential marriage material or you’re just straight-up looking for people more interesting than your current mates (fair), switch on Festival Mode by finding its card in app and ‘matching’ with it.

In doing so, you’ll be able to find other punters who share your love of certified bangers and if you’re smart about it, you’ll have a guaranteed pal to meet when you’re there. Your old school mates are duds, ditch em.

The Splendour badge also means ‘I expect respect’, so fellow Tinderers will know to be considerate about their behaviour. Gotta keep it classy, you guys.

Worst-case scenario, you get so caught up in the action that you forget to meet your new husband/wife/forever-chum, best-case scenario you find the love of your life who’s only slightly repulsed by your life.

Now go. Find love. Find fellow Santigold diehards. Find someone who won’t mind if you sit on their shoulders for 24-hours straight.

They’re the keepers you deserve.

Find Your Crowd, activate Festival Mode for Splendour in the Grass now.