An Expert Revealed How Often We’ve Gotta Wash Our Towels To Not Be Gross & Guess I’m Gross

washing towels

An expert has weighed in on how often we should actually be washing our towels and, surprise surprise, we’re all filthy animals. I had a sneaking suspicion this whole time but it’s good to finally get some clarity.

Nicole Gibson is a stalwart of the laundry biz and arguably the cleanest person in all of Australia. Any opinion she has on the frequency of washing loads is worth double, if not triple what the rest of us mere mortals reckon.

Speaking to Today about the topic of towel washing, Nicole recommended that we wash our bathroom towels (drum roll please) … once every three days.


Once every three days?!

Just kidding, I totally do this…

She also hinted that if we’re the sort of person who showers frequently (more than once a day), we should practically be washing them every 24 hours.

Crikey. I might as well put MYSELF through the washing machine at that point. It’d probably be less effort.

Tip myself in there, add some cleaning goo, and press “start”. Bob’s your uncle!

“Thick towels take longer to dry, and they may seem dry superficially but deep down in the fibres they’re actually still damp and harbouring bacteria,” she told telly program Today. 

“You may in fact be wiping yourself with a bacterial towel.”

Ew. Gross. Makes perfect sense but still, ew.

She also recommended that we deep clean our towels and our pillowcases once a month.

What is “deep cleaning” you may ask?

It’s essentially soaking (no, not that kind) them in a bucket with detergent until the water is murky enough not to see our reflection.

I’m not sure about you guys but this has been a real ~touch grass~ moment for me.

Next, they’ll be telling me I’ve gotta buy a bed frame!!!