Remember When A TikTok Cleaning Expert Finally Taught Us Where Detergent Goes In Front Loaders?

TikToker Ann russell teaches a lesson on detergent and washing machines

Rejoice, friends. The days of trying to decipher where to insert detergent into front-loader washing machine are finally over. An expert on TikTok has come to lend a helping hand and we couldn’t be more grateful.

A creator by the name of Ann Russell has concocted what we believe to be the tutorial to end all tutorials.

This should come as no surprise since Russell’s channel is dedicated to cleaning tips. However, this video on detergent might just be her magnum opus.


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The TikTok beings with a stitch from another creator who asks “can I just confirm that nobody knows which one to put the washing detergent in?”

A fabulous question. One that society has been asking since the invention of front-loader washing machines (likely the Triassic period but don’t quote me).

“They’re marked,” responds Russell with the cadence of a grandmother who loves you dearly but deep down, reckons you’re silly for not knowing.

“The one with the flower on it is fabric softener. The one with a “one” mark on it is pre-wash. The one with the “two” mark on it is for the main wash.”

Mind? Blown. Clothes? Cleaned. Laundry detergent? That massive 4L value bottle from the supermarket.

I truly never would have worked this out if Russell hadn’t taken the time to explain it to me in a video that randomly popped up on my TikTok feed.

I mean, seriously. Who reads instruction manuals nowadays?

Not me, that’s who.

As if she hadn’t already done enough, Russell has since come through with a sequel telling us how to wash our washing machines.


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♬ original sound – Ann Russell She/Her

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