This $550,000 House Was Consumed By The Ocean And It’s Giving Lemony Snicket’s Aunt Josephine

An unoccupied house in North Carolina has been utterly devoured by a cruel and indifferent ocean, in a scene eerily reminiscent of Aunt Josephine’s stilt house from A Series Of Unfortunate Events.

According to, the house was apparently worth about $552,603 Australian dollars. That’s a lot for a house that is currently strewn across the shore. Minimalism has gone too far!

Watching this poignant footage of the feeble house succumbing to the swollen ocean can bring many ponderous thoughts to mind. The housing crisis, climate change-induced weather events, the fragility of life. Siri, play ‘Come Clean’ by Hilary Duff.

Call me vapid, or pop culture obsessed, or too beautiful to function, but honestly the only thought that came to mind while I watched was Aunt Josephine’s house. It has the same stormy vibes, greyish hue, and sits precariously on the same spindly stilts (again this is a house that is apparently worth like half a milli…moving on).

I half expected Meryl Streep (who plays Aunt Josephine) to pop her head out the window as it was sinking and shout “Grammar is the greatest joy in life!”

Twitter users had the same thought.

“Anyone else immediately think of A Series Of Unfortunate Events?” asked one user.

“That one house in A Series Of Unfortunate Events,” said another.

If I recall correctly, Aunt Josephine faked her own death then got eaten by leeches after eating a banana. Remind me again why I was reading this book as a small child?

Here’s hoping there was no small timid lady with grey hair and oldy timey glasses inside this house as it sunk.