VIC Police Won’t Charge Woman Found Under House, Refuse To Say WTF Happened

The Age‘ is reporting that Victoria Police will not be pressing charges on the woman who was mysteriously and extremely creepily found trapped underneath the floorboards of a house in Essendon on Sunday.

The circumstances surrounding, well, pretty much all of this are extremely unclear, but what we do know is that a 37-year-old woman was rescued by firefighters from a tiny crawl space beneath the kitchen of the derelict property after neighbours called the police because they heard “scratching and murmuring coming from under the house“. 
It’s still unclear why she was trying to squeeze in under the house.
Metropolitan Fire Brigade Commander Roger Chitty said the house, while derelict, appeared to be inhabited, but they didn’t see anyone there during the rescue operation:
“There was furniture in the house, quite a lot, paintings on the walls, tables and chairs, couches, so it certainly wasn’t a vacant house.”
Neighbours, however, claim that the house is unoccupied, with one telling the paper:
“We’ve never seen anyone come or go. The curtains are never open, it’s really strange. My kids call it the Halloween house – they’re terrified of it.”
Police claim that the original suggestion that she had been under the house for a week was incorrect and that she had been under their for a shorter amount of time, although she was still “extremely dehydrated and incoherent“.
The woman has since been discharged from Royal Melbourne Hospital after receiving treatment for exposure.
Source: The Age.
Photo: Google Maps.