The circumstances surrounding a woman rescued from underneath the floorboards of a dilapidated Melbourne house are shrouded in mystery. 

The 37-year-old woman was discovered by police after neighbours went to investigate strange noises coming from the creepy dwelling. 

According to The Age, the neighbours called the cops after hearing “scratching and murmuring coming from under the house“. 

Woman Found Trapped Under “Halloween House” May Have Been There For Days

Rescue services cut through the kitchen floor to rescue the St Albans woman, who was apparently “extremely dehydrated and incoherent“, and wasn’t able to tell her rescuers anything about how she came to be trapped in the tiny space. 

Metropolitan Fire Brigade Commander Roger Chitty said the house, while derelict, appeared to be inhabited, but they didn’t see anyone there during the rescue operation. 

“There was furniture in the house, quite a lot, paintings on the walls, tables and chairs, couches, so it certainly wasn’t a vacant house.”

A neighbour told reporters that she saw a blonde woman try to get in to the property a week ago. 

“Last Sunday, about midday, I saw this lady coming up the street looking in, and then she went down the laneway. 

“She pulled a couple [of fence palings] off. I assumed she was trying to get in.”

She told The Age that she was sure the woman pulled out from under the house was the same woman she saw that day. 

“The firefighter said she’d been there for four days, and I said, ‘Mate, she’s probably been there since Sunday because that’s when I saw her.'”

Another neighbour said she’d never seen anyone at the house, or even any lights on inside. 

“We’ve never seen anyone come or go. The curtains are never open, it’s really strange. My kids call it the Halloween house – they’re terrified of it.”

Frankly, after learning all this, so are we. 

The woman is currently being treated for exposure in hospital. We can only hope she recovers quickly, and lets us know exactly what the hell is going on inside that – I’m just going to say it – extremely haunted house. 

Source: The Age

Image: Google Maps.