Donald Trump is ascendant, but the vote count goes on to find out the precise vectors of his victory – and it’s lookin’ weird. It became super clear soon after the election that though Trump had won in electoral votes, it was pretty likely Hillary Clinton would take home the popular vote by a solid margin.

The Electoral College exists to insulate American democracy from the tyranny of the majority. Of course, it was conceptualised in a very different time, and many argue it unfairly weighs the votes of many Americans in regional areas in the country’s interior over those in cities. A quick scan of demographics leads one to believe it unfairly prioritises the white vote.

But reforming the electoral college is a question for the future – for now, Democrats have to grin and bear it. But it might hurt a lot more than expected: the remaining votes to count are largely in blue state California, and some experts project this could blow out her lead in the popular vote to more than 2 million.

If that’s the case, it’ll be a bigger disparity between electoral votes and the popular vote than with the Al Gore / George W. Bush election. And people are still furious about that one.

And always a reminder that Trump is a somewhat recent fan of the Electoral College.

So there’s obviously hope for the anti-Trumpers going into 2020. We’ll all have a much better picture of what went so dramatically wrong for them, but it’s clear that something definitely did not connect in the post-industrial, economically depressed Midwest, which went hard for Obama in 2008 and 2012, but swung to Trump this time around. There’s a rich vein of electoral votes there which Clinton missed hard.

But the way to do that is to organise and fight. Not so much this:

Hillary Clinton’s Popular Vote Lead Could Blow Out To More Than 2 Million

The Electoral College electors are not going to do that. 

But there’s definitely, definitely a very strong base for the Democrats to mobilise next time around.

Source: Metro.

Photo: Getty Images.