Trump Breezes Through The Electoral Vote & Is Now *Officially* Prez-Elect

Well, that was unsurprising.

Donald Trump has successfully passed the threshold of electoral votes required to secure the presidency. As you may or may not know, the United States election doesn’t really end with election day – the president is actually selected by the Electoral College. Which is what happened today. Trump has surpassed the 270 electoral votes requires to cinch the top job.

There was a half-assed campaign by Democrats in the leadup to the vote trying to compel Republican electors to switch their vote away from Trump. A whole bunch of celebrities got onboard. It was a shithouse idea from the get-go – can you imagine what would happen if the democratic process – as flawed as it might be – was subverted like that? It’d be chaos.
In fact, in the end the Republicans won on that front too – it looks like more Democratic electors defected away from Hillary. Details have emerged of a Maine Democratic elector who picked Bernie Sanders, and – bafflingly – Washington electors who picked… former Secretary of State Colin Powell?

Anyway. Turns out getting Martin Sheen and Saturday Night Live to do dumb videos telling Republican electors to defect doesn’t actually do shit – and might have been part of the problem to begin with! Nice!
Source: AP.
Photo: Getty Images.