There It Is: Joe Biden Has Officially Won The Electoral College

joe biden

Well there it is folks, Joe Biden is *officially* the President-Elect after winning the Electoral College vote on Tuesday morning Australia time.

The 538 Electoral College members came together on Tuesday morning to officially cast their votes for the president and vice president.

Obviously, all of us except the real die-hard Trump supporters were already well aware of the fact that Biden and Kamala Harris had won the race, but now we’ve got it in writing, baby.

In addition to winning the popular vote by more than 7 million votes, Biden also took out the Electoral College votes with 306 votes compared to Trump’s 232. However, it only takes 270 votes to secure the victory, so there’s really no disputing Biden’s win at this point.

If you’re wondering what the President did in the first few minutes following his loss, he… uh, tweeted that Bill Barr is yeeting the fuck out of the White House before Christmas.

Even his own niece took the time to congratulate Biden and Harris on their win in what is just an incredibly sassy move.

Usually, the electoral college vote is just a formality that nobody really cares about, but after weeks of Trump refusing to admit that he did, in fact, lose the election, this year’s vote was perhaps more important than ever. And hoo boy, what a great result.

It’s a bad day to be Donald Trump and a good day to be *checks notes* everyone else in America. You truly, truly just love to see it.

Biden and Harris will officially be sworn into the office following the inauguration on January 20, 2021.