Here We Go Again: Clementine Ford Outs Dudes Sending Abuse, Dick Pics

Feminist writer Clementine Ford has once again screenshotted and published every message from every dude sending her abuse, unsolicited dick pics, or misguided requests for nudes. They’re 100% uncensored:

We’ll skate over the fact that this is harassment, demonstrative of blatant misogyny, actively contributes to rape culture, and is indicative of every self-entitled fuckboi leering, groping, victim-blaming and sexually harassing his way through life.
ICMYI, this is not the first time she’s named and shamed her abusers. She’s done it before, when she was on the receiving end of vile abuse after calling out Sunrise for victim-blaming women who’d had their nudes published online. A fair number of her abusers were angry at being publicly humiliated.
But, tbqh with you, if after all that you’re STILL sending this crap to Clementine Ford, then you should have known exactly what you were in for.
Dear readers, here’s a sample selection of these morons:

Clementine published the pics yesterday along with a blog post that tore both the White Ribbon Foundation and yesterday’s White Ribbon Day to shreds, calling it “a day when men all around the country can pin a white ribbon to their collars and pretend that’s doing something worthwhile in the fight against men’s violence.”

She deconstructs the whole concept of the Good Guy, the one who wouldn’t rape or kill a woman, and is in fact all for equality, but isn’t keen on the idea of reporting abuse in case it “ruins a man’s career”, and isn’t totally down with Clementine publicly calling out the men who privately send her abuse. 

And once and for all, she addresses the oft-cried criticism: “Why does Clementine Ford hate men, like REALLY hate men. Not all men are like that. Can’t she see that most of them are Good Guys??????”

“Here’s what I hate. I hate patriarchy. I hate bullshit. I hate people who pledge to prevent violence with one hand and type sexist abuse with the other. I hate how the latest manifestation of the backlash has resulted in countless women feeling they need to preface every fucking thing they say with, “Well, of course most men are just WONDERFUL and I love and adore them and I would never want any of them to think that I didn’t because that’s not nice to them.” I hate that if they don’t say that, fifty douchebags will pop up instantly to remind them that they are obliged to reference #notallmen and honour Decent Guys before being allowed to even allude to the fact women are beaten, raped and murdered by men every minute of every hour of every day all around the world.”


You can read her piece in full HERE.

Images: courtesy of Clementine Ford’s Facebook and numerous degenerate low-lifes.