Clementine Ford: Why She Doesn’t Regret Contacting Her Abuser’s Employer

ICYMI, feminist writer Clementine Ford has been trending again, because she’s being heavily abused and threatened for taking action against misogyny
Ford publicly posted abusive comments she received from a man called Michael Nolan, along with racist and sexist content he had posted publicly on his own profile – and tagged his employer, Meriton Serviced Apartments
A few days later, the hotel company contacted Ford to let her know that they had chosen to investigate her claims, and as a result, the man was no longer an employee of theirs.
Since then, Ford has been dealing with abuse left, right and centre, due to people arguing over whether Nolan deserved to lose his job.
She wrote a piece published by Daily Life today, in which she explains why she did it, and why she’s sticking to her decision:
“For all their bleating about freedom of speech, these people don’t seem to know what it actually means. It is not the glorious, consequence-free paradise they imagine in which they get to say whatever they like to whomever they like while enjoying the luxury of that person silently taking it with no pushback. 

For too long, speech on the internet has been consequence free.
I did it because I’m sick and tired of men abusing women online and continually getting away with it. I can bear the brunt of this behaviour, but I’m angry about the number of women who tell me they can’t. Too many women are harassed into silence by men who flounce about the place doing and saying whatever they like.”
Ford has also addressed the accusations that she is ‘censoring free speech’ by blocking or deleting abusive and threatening comments:
‘Here’s how a typical interaction with the defenders and perpetrators of online abuse goes.

“Just block and delete them like a grown up!”

*blocks and deletes*

“Oh, so you’re censoring people now? What, can’t you handle debate?”

*attempts to engage in a meaningful discussion, explaining why harassment is unacceptable.*

“Get over it, it’s just a word. I get called words all the time and I don’t cry like a baby!”

*loses temper, resorts to name-calling*

“F–k you, you f–king whore. I should have known you’d resort to ad hominem attacks. You feminists are all the same, you just hate men because none of us will f–k you, fat dogs.”‘

So, to protect the feelings of those concerned about their ‘freedom of speech’ (AKA their deluded idea that they can abuse and threaten people without any consequences or backlash) being taken away, Clementine Ford has decided to post them on her blog, instead. 

Honestly, for our own mental health, we don’t think we can delve too far in to that level of abuse, but if you want to read just a snippet of the daily abuse Clem’s been receiving, be our guest. 
Just like, make sure you have someone to hug you after, or somethin’. Because goddamn there’s some terrible people out there. And they will give you a cluster headache.