As you’re probably aware already, columnist Clementine Ford recently wrote a post calling the Sunrise program out for some misogynist crap they said in reponse to a recent nude photo leak. 

When her post went viral as all hell, she found herself under a higher than usual amount of attention, the sad knock-on affect of which is that she was utterly deluged with abuse, requests for nudes and unsolicited dick pics from guys feeling the need to take her down.

After defiantly choosing to post these on Facebook, naming and shaming the dudes responsible, you might assume that this behaviour would stop, as the message sunk in that this kind of personal abuse is not remotely okay.

However, Ford is still receiving messages, and overnight, she screengrabbed and posted even more of these on Facebook, many of them even worse than the first batch.

“While I’m taking out the trash, thought I’d share these sweet missives too,” she wrote. “Basically, I’m a filthy fat slut whore who no one wants to fuck.
If anyone needs me, I’ll be over here dancing in the thunderstorm of male boo hoo.”

While I’m taking out the trash, thought I’d share these sweet missives too. Basically, I’m a filthy fat slut whore who…

Posted by Clementine Ford on Friday, June 19, 2015

We interviewed Ford about the situation yesterday, and about the criticism she has faced for sharing the screengrabs with her followers and the internet at large. She said:

“I think there’s a big difference between showcasing unsolicited sexual harassment and backlash and betraying the trust that has been built between people who share an intimacy. The two are completely incomparable. That people are expending more energy defending those men’s rights to privacy instead of defending the rights of women to express their sexuality without it being exploited or used to humiliating them actually says a lot about their priorities.”

The only thing we can really add is that, if you’re still contemplating sending some kind of harassing message or unsolicited snap of your genitalia to Ford, take a tip from a great Aussie mind and ask yourself:

Can you for like one second not be a fuckwit?