Babe, Wake Up: Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costume For 2023 Just Dropped

October 31st is known across the world by many names. Halloween, Hallow’s Eve, All Saints’ Eve, or in Australia: A-Great-Tuesay-For-A-Piss-Up. However, when the night comes the only name on everyone’s lips is Heidi Klum, crowned Halloween costume queen. Known for having the most absurd and outrageous costumes every year, and oh lord did she kill it again.

Honestly it’s a religious tradition at this point to wake up at 2pm on the 1st of November (slightly hungover), only to have all illness leave my body as I remember it’s time to check the internet and find out what Klum has chaotically slayed as this year.

Klum has been known to host a celeb-packed party every Halloween, where she showcases her outrageous costume and — rightly — gets all the attention.

And of course, this year she did NOT disappoint, preening a feather-filled peacock costume that had the standard accessory of 10 other fully costumed people as her peacock tail feathers.

Heidi Klum cannot escape the peacocking accusations. Source: Getty.

Who were the extras in Klum’s Halloween costume?

Klum’s ensemble aren’t randoms either — they’re members of the world-famous acrobatic circus team Cirque du Soleil, who helped Klum achieve the Cirque du slay of the night.

Now we know what you’re thinking: “But Heidi, that’s hardly accurate. Everyone knows peacocks have eggs. This is a slay, but not an anatomically correct slay, sorry queen.”

SIKE! Her husband Tom Kaulitz completed the piece by joining Klum as her egg.

Heidi Klum giving me next to my best friends in every picture energy. Source: Getty.

Frankly it’s horrifying, but hardly as much as Klum’s 2022 outfit where she dressed as a cursed-ass worm.

Apparently it took over six hours for her to get into costume this year. If it took that long for every member of her over-the-top ensemble, that’s 60 hours.

Klum shared the costume in a post to her Instagram, which gathered over 50,000 likes in one hour.

She also shared a video of her transitioning into the outfit, which featured shots of her peacock-crew doing aerial acrobatics on the red-carpet in costume???

Cirque du Soleil and Klum really are the masters of entertainment. A combination I didn’t know I wanted, but my heart always needed.

In previous years Klum has appeared as Fiona from the Shrek movies, Jessica Rabbit, and a skinless human.

Halloween has been at the centre of much cultural discussion in Australia as its popularity grows more each year. There are many factors that contribute to this rising popularity, but the impact of Heidi Klum’s yearly costume cannot be understated.

And now we return into hibernation, waiting another year to see how she blows us all away next Halloween. Sweet dreams spooky friends.