A Rollercoaster Derailed At A Swedish Theme Park Leaving One Dead & Nine Injured

Police cordon off the Gröna Lund amusement park in Stockholm, Sunday, June 25, 2023. According to reports an accident occurred on a rollercoaster leaving one person dead. The amusement park was being evacuated and the police have set up cordons.

A person has died and nine others, including children, have been injured in a rollercoaster accident at theme park in Stockholm, Sweden on Sunday.

Witnesses said the Jetline rollercoaster at the Gröna Lund theme park partly derailed with people onboard, per a Reuters report.

The park was evacuated after the accident and emergency services rushed to the scene.

Speaking at a press conference, Gröna Lund chief executive Jan Eriksson said it was a “day of mourning” at the 140-year-old theme park.

He added that the theme park will be closed for at least a week while police investigate the incident.

According to The Sun, three of the nine people injured in the accident sustained severe wounds and are receiving treatment in hospital.

Three children were taken to a local children’s hospital with minor injuries.

Fourteen people were riding the Jetline rollercoaster when one of the front carriages partly derailed, per the BBC. The ride then stopped in the middle of the track with one carriage leaning out.

“It is incredibly tragic and shocking,” Gröna Lund spokesperson Annika Troselius told Swedish broadcaster SVT.

“Unfortunately we have been informed that one person is killed and many are injured.”

Journalist Jenny Lagerstedt told SVT she was visiting the theme park with her family when she heard a “metallic noise” and saw the track “shaking”.

“My husband saw a rollercoaster car with people in it falling to the ground,” she said.

“My children were scared.”

According to the Gröna Lund website, the Jetline rollercoaster reaches a speed of 90km/h and a height of 30m.

Image credit: Claudio Bresciani / TT News Agency via AP