Two Dead, Dozens Injured After Indian Theme Park Ride Snaps In Incident Caught On Video

Horrifying footage has emerged of the disastrous moment a theme park ride in India abruptly snapped in two, sending riders plummeting to the ground in an incident that has thus far left two people dead.

The incident occurred at the popular Kankaria Adventure Park in Ahmedabad on Monday afternoon. Footage shows the Discovery ride – a swinging pendulum-style attraction – operating seemingly as-normal before suddenly splitting in half, sending the 31 people strapped on-board plummeting to the ground.

As a warning, this footage is graphic, and people have died in this incident. Proceed with caution.

Fire department officials responded quickly to the scene, later confirming that two people on-board the ride died as a result of the incident, with a further 15 others rushed to hospital suffering serious injuries.

Police attending the scene reportedly detained several employees of the company that operates the ride. The park itself was subsequently evacuated.

Park officials have claimed that the ride – which is just four years old – was regularly maintained and had routinely updated police certification.

Director Ghanshyam Patel asserted “all our equipment as well as maintenance certificates, police certification, fire NOC and other documents are in order. We have had continuous inspection and clearance from the authorities for the past four years and we have submitted the same to the police.”

He also stated that the parks takes “all possible care with rides” and allows “only children above 12 years of age to ride,” claiming “the ride broke but we cannot say how.”

Investigations into the accident remain ongoing.