Riders Stuck On Brand New Movie World Rollercoaster After Power Outage

Well, we guess this is one way to ramp up the pre-drop anticipation. Riders on board the brand new rollercoaster at Warner Bros Movie World made an unscheduled stop this afternoon after a power outage caused the ride to halt with the carts almost at the first climb’s apex.

The DC Rivals hypercoaster, which has been officially open for a little over a week, literally stopped in its tracks at around 3:20pm this afternoon when a surge in the area cut power to the park.

The ride’s safety mechanism automatically engaged, causing the ride to stop dead near the top of its 61.6 metre initial tower.

The ride was reportedly stopped for around 10 minutes before power was restored to the park, and the ride completed as normal. No one on board the ride was injured.

Park officials stated that other rides and attractions in the park were affected by the outage, but that they were assessed and reopened for normal operation once power service resumed.

The theme park, as well as some 462 homes in the Helensvale region, were hit with a larger power blackout that Queensland power officials hoped to have completely resolved by 5:00pm this afternoon.

The DC Rivals coaster, newly opened in the park, reaches speeds of 115km/hr and covers a total track length of 1,400 metres. It looks, frankly, nuts.

No official cause for the blackout has been confirmed.