Very Good Boy Named Fat Heath Stays With Lost 3 Y.O. Girl Overnight

The Year of the Wholesome Dog strikes again with the news a very loyal Yorkshire Terrier stayed with his human overnight after she had gotten lost in a gigantic cornfield in Qulin, Missouri. 

Little three-year-old Remy Elliot had wandered a little too deep into the family’s cornfield on Friday sparking absolute panic for her parents. After calling 911 at around 8:30PM that night, a search party including local police, volunteers, and even a plane scoured the area but could not locate Remy. The search party paused their efforts for the night and resumed the rescue around 6AM the next morning.

Just after 8AM, hard working search dogs started to bark and like a scene out of a Disney film, a little pupperino was heard yapping back.

As reported by local news organisations, the search party rapidly set off in the direction of the noise and found little Remy asleep with Fat Heath (Yes, his name really is Fat Heath) on a couple of broken corn stalks about 800 metres from the family’s property.

Remy’s uncle told KFVS

“She was definitely exhausted, hot, really sweaty and it took a while to drink anything. She said she wasn’t scared because Fat Heath was there. If he wasn’t I think she would’ve been terrified.”

Apart from a ton of mozzie bites, Remy was otherwise unharmed. Fat Heath is reportedly doing well and currently being showered in a heap of love and affection.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol posted an adorable picture of the pup and reunion on their Twitter account:

Not so long ago our very own Maxa 17-year-old partially deaf and blind Blue Heeler proved he was one of the most good boys of them all after he also stayed with his three-year-old human overnight in cold bushland.

Max has since become an honorary police dog and probably spends his days giving crims a big ol’ scare with a humongous bark.