Because the world is not all bad, a couple of days ago a Mexican mattress store did the world’s best giveaway promotion: for every customer who showed up with their dog dressed up in a doggy costume, they gave them a tiny little dog-sized mattress. For free. 

A Mexican Mattress Store Gave Dogs Tiny Mattresses & It’s Way Too Wholesome

This has resulted in possibly the best Facebook photo album created to this date: one hundred and twenty-one photos of dogs in costumes, dogs in costumes sitting on custom-made dog-sized mattresses, and a crowd of people in paroxysms of delight at the knockout dog + costume + tiny bebe dog mattress combo. 

Please, enjoy:

These people got a lotta pugs.

Wonder Woman!!!!

Big mattresses for big dogs!!

They ended up giving 50 mattresses away, all to extremely deserving Good Dogs. As far as publicity stunts go, this one is pretty god damn great. Next time I need a mattress, I’m going to Mexico

Source: Facebook.

Image: Facebook / Colchonera Berun BC.