Big W Has Unleashed A Halloween Range For Your Spooky Little Shit Of A Dog


Friends, Big W has unleashed a range of petwear for the spooky season, otherwise known as Halloween. Watch me buy one of each of what I’m about to show you.

Big W’s spooky range is made up of spider, dinosaur, witches, and PUMPKIN tees, costumes, and bandanas. Although, they’re mostly tees so nothing too uncomfortable or tight, y’know?

Check out the whole range below, starring a very good dog.

Big W

Tails Halloween Spider Pet Costume (30cm), $9.

I sort of want the human version of this, not gonna lie. I’d be an absolute menace trying to get through doors.

Tails Halloween Pumpkin Tee (40cm), $8.

Tails Halloween Fair Isle Tee (40cm), $8.

I think we have a WINNER.

Big W

Tails Halloween Dinosaur Pet Costume (30cm), $9.

It might just be my Friday brain, but those tiny arms are cracking me up.

The dino costume also comes in a slightly larger size, 40cm, for $10. You can suss it out, right here.

Tails Halloween Witch Tee (40cm), $8.

Big W

Tails Halloween Pet Bandana (assorted), $4.

The bandana comes in a slew of patterns, including bats, spoooooky ghosts, pumpkins and bones, spiders, and witches.

These babies are sold separately and measure 70cm x 32cm x 5cm.

Also, if you order the bandana online, the colour / style will be chosen at random. They’re all bloody cute, though, so I’m personally not fussed.

Big W. 

Of course, Big W has adult Halloween costumes too if you’re keen on a lil’ matchy-matchy.

Think Jack Skellington, Sally Finkelstein, Morticia, dead mermaid (???), skull reaper, and dragon costumes. That’s really just brushing the surface though, Big W has come prepared.

There’s a kids range as well and just, uh, normal spooky clothing for the everyday spooky vibe.

You can find a bunch of house decorations too – there’s everything from plates and mugs, to (fake) skulls, grave stones, and banners. Not to mention, tonnes of menacing pumpkins and skeletal things of every shape and form.

To be honest, this just jumped out at me for non-spooky season reasons.

Halloween Peace Skeleton Yard Stake, $6

It really just screams 2020, hey?

You can find Big W’s entire Halloween range online, right here.