Meet Mr. Walker, The Bestest Boy To Ever Be Hired By A Melbourne Hotel

I don’t know if I say this enough but oh boy dogs are so very good and pure. There’s very little that they can do wrong – and if they’re a naughty puppy, surely they’re just misunderstood. It’s not their fault. It’s never their fault.

Melbourne‘s Park Hyatt hotel has very recently added an extra, very hard-working, staff member – a one Mr. Walker, the absolute boy.

He’s an official ambassador of Guide Dogs of Australia, and will be working in the concierge team to greet guests at the door enthusiastically, take all guests’ pats, ear scritches, and belly rubs, and be the provider of companionship on walks through the park.

Mr. Walker’s primary good boy job is to be of assistance to any guests at the Park Hyatt that are blind or vision impaired, and his daily duties involve walks around the local Fitzroy Gardens, and provide a source of unconditional love for everyone who visits him – whether he’s doing a good sniff around near the restaurant, or having a lil’ snooze in his custom-built bed in the lobby.

The blessed pup has even copped himself his own hastag, so keep an eye on #BarkHyattMelbourne for some exceptionally wholesome content.

Mr. Walker, you truly are the Goodest Boy™.

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