Golden Gaytime Burgers Exist Now & You Only Have Yourselves To Blame

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from the past couple of months, it’s that there’s no limit to thirst for incarnations of Golden Gaytimes: from donuts to macarons, smash ’em up and stick ’em in literally anything and the crowd will go wild.
Enter the most unholy of these hybrids, the GOLDEN GAYTIME BURGER.
The brainchild of Kayter Con – a sweet-as Sydney dessert truck that changes its menu every month – it’s literally two x Gaytime icecreams sandwiched between a savoury burger bun with a drizzle of caramel sauce thrown in because why do this shit by halves.
Also on this month’s menu: fried oreos and unicorn sparkle fart donuts, but who really cares about those when you can sample a motherfuckin’ Gaytime burg.
Here’s everything you need to know:

What: Park Feast
When: Saturday 12 – Sunday 13 November, 11am – 10pm
Where: Bella Vista Farm
Cost: Freezies

Photo: Supplied.