Feast Yr Eyes On The Golden Gaytime Choccy Egg Before It Gets Smashed On Fraser Anning’s Head

Feast your eyes on the best thing to come to eggs since humans discovered they could be scrambled, Golden Gaytime choccy eggs.

The Golden Gaytime Eggsellence Egg will be available in Woolworths stores from March. Which is good news for Easter, bad news for your lactose intolerance.

The egg, crafted by Chocolatier Australia, will use Rainforest Alliance certified chocolate (no palm oil). The eggy boy is coated with those signature Golden Gaytime biscuit crumbs and is also chock-full of that iconic toffee flavour.

It looks so bloody delicious that I need to see it smashed on top of Fraser Anning‘s balding head ASAP. But then that would be a waste of a good Gaytime egg.

Easter egg hunts will also be a heap more exciting/cause a lot more arguments if you throw this god-tier egg into the mix. A semi-evil idea for your hunt would be to only purchase ONE of these bad boys, and whoever finds it in the hunt is crowned the winner. Of course, if you have more than one kid under 10 in your family, this is guaranteed to cause tears. So try it at your own risk.

If eggs aren’t your thing for some reason, then get around Golden Gaytime popcorn. It’s popcorn slathered in crunchy vanilla biscuit and toffee. It’s literally the perfect cinema snack, because it’s mess-proof.

There is absolutely nothing worse than leaving the cinema and realising your pure white pants are covered in slop. I might just be a messy eater, but something about a dark room makes me lose all hand-eye coordination, and I continuously miss my mouth while eating a choc top.

These delicious sneks (not a typo) look extremely saliva-inducing and I hope that they stick around well after Easter.