Gold Coast Schoolies Have Been Copping Bulk Bin Chook Tats & We Salute Them

ibis tattoos

As we near the close of The Guardian‘s controversial Bird of the Year poll, we can chalk up yet another victory for the humble dump chook: apparently the Gold Coast schoolies of 2k17 have so embraced the stinky bird that they’ve been getting tattoos of them to commemorate their week of celebration.

Gold Coast tattoo parlour Crossfire Tattoos & Piercing appears to be responsible for the bulk of the ibis-themed ink, thanks to their very popular $100 lucky dip tattoo promo.

Gung-ho punters have the option of cranking a gumball machine to determine what they’re getting permanently etched into their skin, and several of this holiday season’s designs were of the murky turkeys.


According to tattoo artist Luke Braniff, the garbage birds have been pretty popular with this year’s cohort of schoolies.

“We’ve done about 10 [ibises] during schoolies I reckon. They love it, they think its great

“The schoolies have some fun before they become serious adults and the tattoos are normally something funny they’ll remember the week by.”

This bloke certainly seems pretty stoked to have plucked the trash vulture from the draw:

As you may know, we at PEDESTRIAN.TV are staunch supporters of the bush turkey, the feathered ballsack otherwise known as the underdog’s underdog of the bird world – but we recognise a great tattoo subject when we see one, and yep, getting a winged waste lizard inked on you forevermore is a bold move.

We salute you, ibis-tattooed youths of 2017.