Schoolies Gone Wild: 26 Arrested On Gold Coast, Most Of Them Toolies

Once again, we’d like to give a big shout-out to Schoolies Week, for reminding us that here in this wide brown land, going home in the back of a divvy van is just as much a graduation rite of passage as throwing your cap up in the air in slow-motion. 
Yesterday, the first reports came trickling in from the first day of Schoolies in South Australia, with footage of a nasty beach brawl, and two men arrested for trying to move meth and pingers.
Not wanting to be outdone, the Gold Coast is also coming in hot this Schoolies season, with reports of 26 arrests overnight, the majority of them people who should be old enough to damn well know better Toolies.
10 school leavers were arrested for public drunkenness on the first night of Gold Coast celebrations, and an impressive 16 non-school leavers were also arrested and charged with public nuisance and drunkenness offences.
With a further eight non-school leavers arrested at the Gold Coast on Friday night, we’re starting to notice a disturbing trend. Hey, Surfers Paradise, why don’t you have a seat over there?
via Brisbane Times
Photo: Bradley Kanaris via Getty Images