WATCH: This David Attenborough-Style Doco On Bin Chickens Is Pure Art

Excuse me, but whatever binge-watching you have planned for tonight can just fuck right off, because the notorious bin chicken (or ‘ibis’, as it’s sometimes known) has been given the David Attenborough treatment it deserves, and the only thing you need to be watching is this, repeatedly.

Created by Sydney-based filmmaker David Johns, it’s a ‘Planet Earth‘-style doco on the bin juice-guzzling feathered fucks that prowl our cities and ruin our picnics.

David told PEDESTRIAN.TV that he decided to make the mockumentary with his neighbour Matt Eastwood after watching an episode of ‘Planet Earth II‘.

“We thought the much-maligned Australian ibis deserved a little more love,” he said. “Not everyone in the world knows how great this bird is.”

(Incorrect – this bird is avian cancer – but moving on.)

They hit up the usual bin chicken hot spots in Sydney to film (“we went through Hyde Park, China Town – which was just full of stale chips”) and produced the absolute goddamn piece of art below.

That is hands-down one of the best Attenborough impressions we’ve heard, tbh. Full credit to the artist.

Photo: David Johns.