TikTok’s Viral $12 Powder Puffs Will Stop Yr T-Zone Resembling The Bottom Of A Macca’s Fry Bag

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If I could choose one hallmark of my childhood, it’d have to be the days I spent perched on my jelly bean-printed bean bag binge-watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. You could even go as far as to say that Bethany Mota and Claudia Sulewski (otherwise known as @macbarbie07 and @beyondbeautystar) raised me. IYKYK, besties.

A solid 10 years later, the only thing that’s changed is the platform I watch these iconic vids on. So, instead of learning how to cut a winged liner sharper than your nips on a cold day via YouTube — I now consume hundreds of makeup tutorials on TikTok, and boy have I got a lot of tips stored up in this big ol’ brain of mine as a result.

The latest trend I’ve seen on the app is these Glam Raider triangle powder puffs. Made to ensure your under-eyes stay creaseless all fkn day long, this makeup tool needs a place in your beauty routine, STAT.

To use, simply pop your cream or liquid concealer on and use the makeup puff to blend it out. Alternatively (and more popularly), you can just use it to press your loose powder into place in the same way the video below demonstrates.

Now you’re probably thinking, “how is this different to any other powder puff I’ve got at home?”. Well, the key is in the velvety triangular tip that helps you work your product into any hard-to-reach spots around your under-eye area seamlessly.

The result is a matte, airbrushed as fuck finish — like seriously, no pores, no blemishes. This shit will make your under-eyes as smooth as a baby’s butt (the finished look is NO JOKE). It’ll even keep any natural shine from peeping through all day for my girlies that are prone to an oily T-section.

So, if you’re reading this with cracked under-eyes, and want to get your hands on one of these babies immediately — you can score a two-pack for just $12 from Glam Raider now. The best part is, they’re reusable, so unlike a beauty blender that gets dirty (and mouldy) over time or a single-use puff, you can just chuck these in the wash and they’ll be as good as new.

The two-pack comes in a zip lock bag to keep them clean in the interim, too.

Glam raider, triangle powder puff, makeup puff, powder puff

Glam Raider Triangle Powder Puff, $12

If you’ve already got an ace pressed/loose powder to use with it, you’re ready to roll. If you haven’t got one to pair with your new makeup puffs, we recommend grabbing Glam Raider’s Kimchi Chic Beauty Puff Puff Pass powders, or the Laura Mercier Translucent powder for the best finish.

Happy shopping!