Score Freebies & A Beauty Blogger’s A+ Tips At Indooroopilly This W/E

ATTN: all Brisbane beauty junkies with multicoloured swatches dominating your arms like the rainbow tiger you know you are in your soul. For too long you’ve been sitting on your bed watching YouTube – it’s time to venture out.

Indooroopilly Shopping Centre is hosting their Primed To Party Beauty Weekend so if you’ve been getting all your makeup and skincare tips direct from your fave beauty bloggers (and we don’t blame you, ‘coz same), you’re defs gonna wanna pop out into the real world this weekend and experience the glitter-covered magnificence that is a beauty festival.

On Saturday the 20th of October, the festival will be blessed with angel presence that is Brittney Lee Saunders, who will be answering beauty questions in her typical take-no-crap kinda way and doing a big ol’ tips and trick session, plus a meet and greet.

You could legit follow one of her YouTube tutorials that morning and then go cop a selfie with her in person that same day. World’s collide, the universe conspires, makeup is gushed over. The way it should be.

Then on Sunday there’s gonna be a bunch of beauty bars running that will have your face gleaming like a beacon of light. Plan first dates, family dinners and ten year high school reunions for that night ‘coz you’re gonna look incredible and that kind of intimidatingly hot look needs to be showcased appropriately.

And ya know, if those activities still don’t have you primed to go (ha), the free stuff you could score is worth the trek in anyway. Not only will there be a bunch of glitter bubbles and fairy floss free for you to consume to your heart’s content (givvus that edible pastel cloud), but you can also score a $88 gift with purchase at MECCA if you spend over $300 at a participating retailer – which TBH is not a hard thing to do when you’ve got a beauty or fashion obsession.

Seriously though, if you’re the type of person who only feels complete when they dust themselves with Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder or has smeared their face with the miracles that are GlamGlow masks, you should get on board ASAP – and don’t forget to chuck your angelic face up on your socials and tag the festival, ‘coz it could score you $1000. Please and thank you.