NSW Premier Says To Not “Interact With Citizens From Melbourne,” Also Says Stuff About COVID

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has doubled down on yesterday’s advice to all New South Wales residents regarding travel to Victoria by today asserting that people should avoid all contact with people from Melbourne entirely.

As Victoria grapples with a renewed surge in cases, one attributed to large family gatherings either ignoring social distancing guidelines or flouting self-isolation orders, Premier Berejiklian has taken the opportunity to put the boots into its southern rival.

Speaking today, the Premier called on NSW tourism operators to completely ban any Victorians from their services, particularly anyone travelling from Melbourne specifically.

“I call on all organisations not to interact with citizens from Melbourne at this stage,” Berejiklian stated, “I would definitely encourage organisations to consider who to allow on their premises and where they’re coming from.”

Those comments come a day after Berejiklian asserted that NSW residents should not travel to Victoria unless absolutely necessary, while health officials in Melbourne attempt to bring the recent spike under control.

“We would recommend nobody travel to those hotspots and certainly the Victorian government and Victorian health experts have also suggested to people living in those hotspots not to travel around,” Berejiklian stated yesterday.

Victoria reported 17 new cases of COVID-19 today, making it the seventh consecutive day with double-digit new positive tests. The concerning spike comes just two weeks after the state recorded a zero day of new infections, and follows on from Premier Dan Andrews re-enforcing strict gathering limits on the state this past Saturday.

The Victorian school holiday period is scheduled to begin this coming Friday, while schools in NSW will let out for break at the end of next week. Officials are anticipating significant increased movement during this time.