Gladys Berejiklian Says She Will “Absolutely” Ensure No Further BLM Protests Take Place

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian appears hell bent on legally blocking any additional Black Lives Matter protest action, and has outright asserted that her State Government will move to make any additional protest action illegal under pandemic-related health order legislation.

After attempting, and failing, to have this past weekend’s massive public action against Indigenous deaths in custody, Premier Berejiklian has gone on the front foot this morning asserting that any further planned protests will “absolutely” not take place.

Appearing on The Today Show earlier this morning, Berejiklian asserted “we were the only State Government that actually took the protests to court to have it deemed illegal. Unfortunately, the Court of Appeal over turned the initial decision.”

“Iany issue, health orders are there for a reason and it is only because we’ve stuck to them that we’ve done so well. If we’d all abandoned that and hadn’t stuck together we wouldn’t be in the position we are. I’m glad we’re where we are but I also know the level of frustration is growing,” the Premier said.

The NSW Government attempted to have the planned protest action ruled illegal by the Supreme Court late Friday and into Saturday, citing current pandemic health orders banning large outdoor gatherings. Had they been successful, police would have been free to level every attendee of the rallies with social distancing fines. However, the Court of Appeal denied the request mere minutes before the protest was scheduled to begin.

Those protests lead to extremely disturbing scenes, in which a small group of non-violent protesters leaving the scene were kettled and pepper sprayed by NSW Police in an underground walkway of Central Station, seemingly unprovoked.