GET YOURSELF SOME CHEAP DICK: Dick Smith Electronics Begins Huge Fire Sale

Here it is, folks. The thing you’ve been sort-of waiting for since maybe yesterday.

With the news that Dick Smith Electronics will cease operations entirely trickling through, meaning all of its stores will close for good over the coming eight weeks, the next obvious question became clear.
When the hell are we gonna be able to get our hands on some cheap shit?

The answer to that, apparently, is “right the hell now.”
The closure of the stores means that they’ve got to clear out all the stock currently held by the company. Which means dig biscounts on literally everything they have.
The stores reportedly began a massive fire sale of all their stock at 9am this morning, with reports of slashed prices across the board.
At the time of writing, the discounts include 5% off all Apple products, 30% off Apple cables, 20% off game consoles and games, 20% off all TVs, 20% off Samsung products including smart phones and tablets, 20% off all other non-iPhone smart phones, 20% off laptops, 20% off all Microsoft products, 20% off drones, 20% off DSLR cameras, and 30% off all headphones (including Beats by Dre).
Stores have been informed by the company’s receivers that sale signage is on the way, and that more discounts will be introduced until the store is closed, or all stock is sold. Employees have also been told that their employee discounts no longer apply.
The summer of cheap electronics is here, friends! Revel in misery! Profit from failure! Go git yo’self some Dick while you still can!

Amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

Source: The Age, Business Insider.
Photo: Luis Ascui/Getty.