WATCH: ‘The Project’ Asks Dick Smith What The Hell He’s Up To W/ One Nation

Former Aussie of the Year and recent backer of the One Nation partyDick Smith, appeared on ‘The Project’ tonight to attempt to justify his reasons for supporting our answer to Donald Trump, Pauline Hanson
Smith chatted with Waleed Aly to clarify a few key facts. He emphasised that he does not support Hanson’s stance on Muslims:
“I know lots of Muslims, and 99 percent are typical Aussies, and I don’t think they should be blamed for the one percent.” 

Considering Hanson’s xenophobic stance on Muslims is arguably the cornerstone of her politics, Aly validly asked whether this pitted Smith against other One Nation voters. Smith then went on to confirm that he “strongly” supports the thought that Australian immigration should be reduced to 70,000 people.

“We need to stop expanding our population,” Smith said. 

He also confirmed that he’s never actually met Satan Hanson, and that he does not support all of her values, saying “I just happen to agree with this policy that you can’t have perpetual growth.” 

Overlooking a party’s inherent racist values because of one teeny policy? Pretty bloody bananas, if you ask me. And let us remember that Smith is not a keen political commentator. He’s a man who makes shitty biscuits.  
Old mate Dick is pretty confident Hanson is on the up and up, predicting she is “going to be very popular,” thanks to people getting fed up with “political correctness of the normal politician.” 
Hopefully he’s wrong, but with the way things are going (see: US election), who the hell knows.
Scary stuff. Check out the light grilling of Smith below: 

Source: The Project / Channel 10. 

Photo: Channel 10.